Trust the science - Jalupro contains only what you really need.



Gluten free

Without artificial colors and flavors

Very high bioavailability

4000mg of amino acids per stick

Designed in Switzerland

Backed by science

How Jalupro Drink works Amino acids
Over the years, our natural collagen levels become depleted causing a loss of skin elasticity, dull hair and brittle nails. With 4000mg of Amino Acids per stick, Jalupro provides your body with the boost it needs to keep collagen levels high.
Real women, real stories
With hundreds of Jalupro Sticks delivered, find out why women trust us for their daily health.
Jalupro Drink Amino Acids

An amino acid supplement to drink that fights the signs of aging from the inside. A simple but revolutionary addition to your daily beauty regimen.

Collagen amino acids improve skin texture, tighten and smooth wrinkles and increase overall radiance. It also supports the health of nails, hair and joints.

Contains the highest concentration of amino acids per stick (4000MG)

Very high bioavailability: it contains the exact composition of amino acids that the body needs

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€ 74,99
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The top quality amino acids
We invest thousands of euros each year in research in our Swiss laboratories to design only the highest quality products.